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Our goal is to teach, lead, and inspire the youth to strive for greatness as an individual, as a team member, and as a community member.

Each event is a speaking engagement along with a DSS challenge or competition.  We speak to student bodies focusing on messages about Leadership, Character, Positive Attitude, Teamwork, Respect, Commitment, Trust, and Mentorship. We discuss the meaning of these topics then use analogies to everyday life at school, at home, in relationships, at work, and in the community for understanding.

The conversation ends with a question and answer session. DSS has many relationships and will sometimes bring guests that are College or Professional Athletes, Professional Speakers, Authors, musicians, business leaders, and/or community leaders.


After the talk with the students is completed, we then have a Dribble Shoot Swish Competition where we choose students to come down and participate by performing one or more Dribble Shoot Swish shots.  Before the competition starts, we announce that the School or DSS has chosen a community cause or foundation that we are supporting representing in the competition. For example, if the school chose to support an educational cause it would be a “Dribble Shoot Swish for Education” competition.

If the choice is Physical Fitness, it would be called the “Dribble Shoot Swish for Physical fitness “competition. If the chosen cause is for any other cause it would be called the “Dribble Shoot Swish for………” Competition.

When the competition is completed the participants will be awarded a cash prize and/or award and given two options. They can keep the money/award or donate it to the chosen foundation or cause. If the student chooses to donate the money or award, the student must hand deliver the gift and get proof (receipt or document) from the business in order to receive a reimbursement of a greater amount. The goal is to motivate the student to give and to get involved with the community.

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