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The Dribble Shoot Swish events are fun and simple in nature. Anyone at any skill level can participate and it is all about having fun.

One of the core purposes of DSS is to raise money and awareness for Special causes and foundations by hosting events and DSS competitions.

The fee will pay for the event and the rest of the money will go towards a special cause. The event can be for a cause or not for a cause and just for fun as a company team-building event.


The way it works is this, DSS asks the client if there is a special cause they would like to support like Education, Cancer, Parkinson’s, Depression, or any specific cause, and then The DSS challenges and competitions will be used in a way to benefit that cause. There is always a competition or challenge between either two individuals at a time or two teams at a time.  All challenges require the participants to take “Dribble Shoot Swish” shots and there will either be a set amount of shots or a set amount of time to shoot. The goal is to shoot “Swishes” because they are worth double points but all makes are counted. The individual team or group with the most points wins. Prizes and awards can be given out to the winners.

Each event will be customized for the individuals and groups involved. What makes this event fun is that you can have different challenges and competitions, Person vs Person, Team vs Team, Division vs Division, Leader vs rookie, Sr Exec vs Sr Exec, office vs office, basically anyway you would like to do it. The events can be outside at different locations and parks that have nice areas with basketball hoops or at an indoor gym facility.

DSS has many relationships with Gym Owners and facilities for the events. The center piece is the shooting competitions but we also like to have music and food to keep the event festive. Each person will be given a Dribble Shoot Swish T-shirt.

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