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The Dribble Shoot Swish Brand was created to inspire and positively impact youth, communities, and corporations by running and developing Basketball related events. We provide services to three specific areas - Schools, Corporations, and Sports & Entertainment Companies.






Our goal is to teach, lead, and inspire youth to strive for greatness as an individual, as a team member, and as a community member.  


Each event is comprised of a speaking session along with a DSS challenge or competition.  Our messages are centered around the topics of  Character, Leadership, Positive Attitude, Teamwork, Respect, Commitment, Trust, and Mentorship. We speak about the meaning of these topics and how they apply to our every day lives, at school, at home, in Sports, in relationships, at work, and in our  communities. Each speaking segment ends with a question and answer session. DSS has many relationships and will sometimes bring guests that may consist of one or more college or professional athletes, professional speakers, authors, musicians, business leaders, and/or community leaders.

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The DSS Competition and Challenge starts when we select students to participate by performing one or more “Dribble Shoot Swish” shots. We then announce that the participants will be representing their school to support a chosen foundation or cause that was previously selected by the School or by DSS. The competition will be named after the chosen cause, so if the cause selected is for education, then the competition will be called, the “Dribble Shoot Swish for Education” Challenge. If the cause is for Physical Fitness it would be called the “Dribble Shoot Swish for Physical Fitness” challenge.  So, whatever cause chosen, it will be named the “Dribble Shoot Swish” for___________Competition. 

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Upon completing the challenge the students will be given a small gift and the responsibility of teaming up with 2 other students of their choice to deliver a monetary donation to the chosen cause or foundation. The Last step is for the students to get a group selfie with a representative from the recipient foundation while wearing a Dribble Shoot Shirt  and a signed receipt to give back to DSS. For this effort the students will be then given another small gift of appreciation. Dribble Shoot Swish believes strongly in “giving back”  and our hope is that this experience will inspire youth to want to lead and get involved with their community. Our hope is this will be a small step to inspire youth to be involved.



Here's how it works.

The way it works is this, before the event DSS asks the client to choose a special cause or event that they would like to support. They can choose anyone that they feel strongly about like Education, Cancer, Parkinson’s, Homelessness, Clean Water, Depression, or Alcoholism. The challenges and competitions are fun ways to raise awareness, and money for the cause.

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The competitions will always be between two individuals or two teams. The challenge requires the participants to take “Dribble Shoot Swish” shots with the goal of making a perfect shot which is a “SWISH”. All made shots count but “SWISHES” are double the points. The competitions will be based on a set total number of shots and or based on a number of shots in a set amount of time. Each event will be customized for the skill level of the client and that can be done at the time of the competitions. The “fun” part of the event is that you can have any match up you want. For example, Sr. executive vs new employee, or executive vs executive, or staff vs. leadership, or division vs division, or any type of one on one or team matchup that will be fun.

The Dribble Shoot Swish Events can be held outdoors at parks (depending on the season) or indoors at selected gyms. DSS has relationships with many facilities and gym owners. While the shooting challenges and competitions are the center piece of our events we also like to complement “the event” with music and food to keep it festive. Each member of the event will receive a Dribble Shoot Swish T-shirt that represents the cause. If the cause is for cancer the shirt will say “Dribble Shoot Swish” for cancer, if the cause is for clean water it will say “Dribble Shoot Swish” for Clean Water, if the cause is for Homelessness it will say “Dribble Shoot Swish” for Homelessness, or for whatever cause chosen. After the completion of the event we will take event photos  of everyone.

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Hi, I’m Greg Stern, the founder and Creator of Essential Skills LLC and the company’s action brand, Dribble Shoot Swish. I have spent over 40 yrs playing, teaching, coaching, training, and participating in basketball related events and companies. I have learned many important lessons from the game, my teammates, coaches, and my many mentors along the way. 

The lessons I have learned are invaluable not only on the court but in the everyday game of life and I would like to pass those lessons on.  My passion for basketball has matured into a passion to positively impact youth and the community and I want to share what I have learned on my journey. 

 It is my dream that Essential Skills, LLC and the Dribble Shoot Swish brand will inspire and empower our youth to want to lead and get involved with their communities.

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